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Phebe looked up at the sky.
"There isn't a cloud in sight, Allyn. It's not going to rain, I know. " "It's sultry. You can't ever tell about a day like this. Still, if youwant to risk it, --" "I do. " And Phebe mounted her bicycle.
The Savins lay at the western edge of the town. Beyond it, the road toBannock Bars led away straight toward the sunset, over hill and hollow, through stretches of sand and along narrow footpaths. It was a road toterrify an amateur; but Phebe's riding was strong and st
...eady, and she wasglad to be in the saddle once more, forgetful of her work and onlyconscious of the sweet spring life about her. It was only an hour laterthat The Savins was ten miles behind her, and she was setting up herwheel against Mrs. Richardson's stone horse-block.
Mrs. Richardson met her accusingly.
"I hope you've got them pills, " she demanded, without any formalpreliminaries.
"Yes, my father has sent them. " "I wrote for them, day before yesterday. I thought sure they'd comeyesterday. " "He was busy, " Phebe said curtly, as she took off her sailor hat andfanned herself.

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Phebe, Her Profession
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