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He isn't any different in Mainethan he is in Oregon. We've all stopped work. Now. This morning. " "How about those across the ocean? Are they stopping, too? They're notgoing to feed up their soldiers? To kill us if we don't starve first?To--" "They stopped, too. A farmer is a farmer. Like a leaf on a tree. Nomatter on what tree in what country on whose land. A leaf is a leaf. Afarmer's the same. A farmer is a farmer. " "It won't work, " the woman said dully.
"Yes, it will. " "They'll _make_ you
... work. " "How? It's our own property. " "They'll take it away from you. " "Who'll work it then?" The woman rocked in her chair, her mouth quivering. "They'll getsomebody. " The farmer shook his head. "Too many people doing other things, likemaking shells and guns, like sitting in fox-holes or flying planes. " The woman sat rocking, her hands together in her lap. "It won't work, "she repeated.
"It'll work, " said the farmer. "Right _now_, it'll work. Yes, we've gotmilkers and shuckers, and we've got hatchers for the chickens.

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