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Planet of Dreams
Mckimmey James
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There it was again. The sound. Just as he had heard it a day before whenhe had passed near the house. He leaned forward quickly.
Mrs. Atkinson jumped.
Loveral smiled. "Didn't I hear a noise of some sort, my dear?" "Noise?" the woman said, as though her own voice were the sound of anecho.
"An odd noise, " Loveral said, his eyes searching.
The woman's hands fluttered about her dress.
Loveral stood up. "Would you mind if I just glanced about, my dear?" The woman didn't answer, but Loveral was alre
...ady moving across the roomtoward a door. He opened it and walked down a hall. The noise grewstronger. He threw open another door.
    * * * * * He stood watching while George Atkinson spun around, dark eyes flashing, hair tousled. There was a two days' growth of beard darkening Atkinson'sface.
"Why, George, " Loveral said, swiftly examining the litter of metal andwood which was spread over a table behind Atkinson. There was ahome-made hammer in Atkinson's hand. "What have we here, George?" "Something for you, " Atkinson said, tightening his fingers about thehandle of the hammer.

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Planet of Dreams
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Great job to whoever wrote that story

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Yes I loved this book

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