Poems From Punch 1841 1884

Cover Poems From Punch 1841 1884
Poems From Punch 1841 1884
Eliot Charles William
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All these are sounds remembered well, And o'e** the memory oft they ring ; On such the Poet loves to dwell. When he invokes the Muse to sing. But oh ! there is one simple sound. Amid the rustic symphony. That never yet hath poet found. Most sweet, most striking though it be. It is a pleasing cry of pain. First loud and strong, then soft and weak, Which language to describe is vain — The dying pig's perpetual squeak. January 16, 1858. Z68 The Happy Man AGAIN is Johnsons knocker muted, Warning po...stman, milk- man, tramp ; Once more hath he been saluted By that dear old Sarey Gamp, At his window chirp the sparrows, Johnson happiest of Men ! With his quiver full of arrows. The tallest rising two foot ten. At his Club now pensive dining, Johnson views his ways and means. Home tranquillity resigning Until Jane the Cherub weans. In due time the midnight chamber With his little charge he'll pace ; A meerschaum may be tipp'd with amber Pointing from his quiet face. 169 Visions to his mind are rising, Long Apothecary's bills ; French and music — friends surprising, Socks and boots and tiny frills.

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Poems From Punch 1841 1884
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