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Poems From the Chinese
Waley Arthur
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The island-drinkers emptied the liquor-boats And set their sails and sent them back for more. On the shores of the Lake were jutting slabs of rock And under the rocks there flowed an icy stream. Heated with wine, to rinse our mouths and hands In those cold waters was a joy beyond compare!
Of gold and jewels I have not any need; For Caps and Coaches I do not care at all.
But I wish I could sit on the rocky banks of the Lake For ever and ever staring at the Stone Fish.
Passing T'ien-Men Street in
... Ch'ang-an and seeing a Distant View of Chung-nan 1 Mountain BY Po CHU-I (A. D. 772-846) THE snow has gone from Chung-nan, spring is almost come. Lovely in the distance its blue colours against the brown of the streets. A thousand coaches, ten thousand horsemen pass down the Nine Roads; Turns his head and looks at the mountains, not one man !
1 Part of the great Nan Shan Range, fifteen miles south of Ch'ang-an.
20 Planting Flowers on the Eastern Embankment BY Po CHU-I Written when Governor of Chung-Chou I TOOK money and bought flowering trees And planted them out on the bank to the east of the Keep.

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Poems From the Chinese
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