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Poultry Feeds And Feeding
Harry Miles Lamon
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Polished rice is produced by removing the rice hull and the outer skin of the rice kernel called the rice bran. The kernel is then polished, producing another by-product called rice polish, and leaving the finished polished rice for human use. A sack of rough rice containing 162 pounds will give about 100 pounds of polished rice, 20 pounds of rice bran, 6 pounds of rice polish and 32 pounds of hulls.
Rice hulls are worthless as a feed and are apt to prove dangerous and irritating to the walls o
...f the intestines. Rice bran where not adulterated with hulls, and which does not contain over 12 per cent fiber is a nutritious feed when used in limited quantities with other feeds. The rice oil or fat in rice bran will become rancid if this feed is stored for any considerable time, making it unpalatable for stock or poultry. Rice polish has a feeding value for stock about equal to corn but this product is used up al- most entirely in the various mechanical arts. Poor grades of rice and broken rice are used more or less for feeding poultry and pigeons and a small per cent is often fed in commercial scratch feeds, especially in commercial chick feeds.

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Poultry Feeds And Feeding
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