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Practical Physiology
Arthur Philip Beddard
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1 !. Pare away the cartilage between the eyes of a skate. When the brain is reached continue the paring laterally, and in the cartilage at the side of the hinder part of the brain there will eventually be exposed one of the semicircular canals. When this is reached remove the upper wall as far as possible. In the hollow formed by the cartilage will be seen the fine membranous canal, dilating at one end into an ampulla. On continuing the exposure of the mem- branous canal it will be seen to join... a rather large membranous sac, the utricle. Separated by a slight constriction is a smaller sac, the saccule, and at the anterior end of this is a small membranous projection which represents the cochlea.
2. Continue the dissection further so as to completely expose the three semicircular canals. Note also a tube leading towards the sur- face from the utricle, representing the recessus vestibuli.
3. Observe that the ampullae are more rigidly adherent to the cartilaginous walls than the length of the membranous canals.

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Practical Physiology
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