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Sect, I'dcall it. Undermined the whole inhabited portion of Lakos--which isn'ta great area, as you know. " "The Chief Priestess is Liane. I believe you said she stowed away onthe _Ertak_ with you?" I nodded.
"You're keeping her under guard?" asked Fetter.
"No; under the circumstances, we couldn't. We had no authority, yousee. A crowd of natives bore her away in triumph. " "Then your work's cut out for you, " groaned Fetter. "She's a devilincarnate. Beautiful, irresistible, and evil as corruptio
...n itself. Ifshe's back, I'm afraid there's nothing to be done. We've been sittingon a volcano ever since she left. Pressure growing greater everyinstant, it seemed. She's just what's needed to set it off. " "We'll have to take our chances, " I commented. "And now; just what isthe set-up?" "The Worshipers of the Flame, they call themselves. The membershiptakes in about every male being on Lakos. They meet in the greatcaverns which honeycomb the continent. Ghastly places; I've seen someof the smaller ones.

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Priestess of the Flame
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