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288 THE CHILD OF PROMISE Among other reflections, Philip had arrived at the conclusion that he would do well to tell his aunt the news he had received ; but, incorrigibly shy as the subject made him, he put it off all the morning, and was repaid for doing so after lunch.
" Apropos, Philippe, " said M. Lemaure, " did you see this in your paper about the accident ? I noticed the name, which is an uncommon one, and remarked on it to Antoine before you came in. Where is it let me see " " All right,
... " said Philip briefly, " I have seen it. " M. Lemaure glanced at him. He had sent Antoine back to his work some time before, obviously set on his making up for lost time. The boy, who was " tame " and dreamy again, made no objection ; but the master, who had lighted a cigarette, was in no hurry to join him.
" I could not discover from Antoine's manner, whether it was likely to be the family he knew, or another. " " It's the same, " said Philip.
" You English are so singular, " said Monsieur, with a glance at his wife for sympathy.

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