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Society of Colonial Wars. Massachusetts
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S12. HARRIS^ ALFONSO SOOTT, Brootilfic. 344S Sixth from Daniel Harris.
292. HARRIS^ CHARLES, Gamfarldg^ 2Q22 Sixth from Captain Samuel Moseley.
559. HARRIS^ FREDERICK, SpringfickL 3642 Seventh frt>m Captain Daniel Clark.
Eighth from Stephen Hart.
252. HASiONS^ LEANDER MILLER, Rockpoft 1799 Sixth from Ensign Abel Platts.
Fourth torn Moses Platts.
Sixth frx>m Daniel Thurston* 84. HASTINGS^ HENRY, Bostoiu M( Ninth frt>m Sir Richard Saltonstall.
Eighth from Sergeant-Major Ric
...hard Saltonstall.
Seventh from Colonel Nathaniel Saltonstall.
Eighth fi^m John Bridge.
Seventh frt>m Quartermaster Matihew Bridge.
Eighth from Nicholas Danforth.
Eighth fi^m Jacob Sheafe.
Seventh fi^m Lieutenant John Sharp(e).
Seventh from Jonathan Shrimfton.
Seventh from Captain Stephen Williams.
Sixth from Anthony Stoddard.
Sixth from Increase Winn.
278. HAYDEN, CHARLES, Boston. {807 Eighth frx)m Major Simon Willard.
568. HAYES, WILLIAM ALLEN, Naiiant 3708 Fifth from Colonel William Allen.

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