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Well, that is Mary Adna, a ridin on a lion. That s done in Marrow Marble, but I often thought it strange, She didn t ride a broncho, as the girls do on the range.
You know our coated arms are stamped on everything around. We ve got a Steer rampageous, a-scootin over ground. For when we bought this finery, they threw in a family crest; We wasn t goin to be outdid by any of the best.
Now, look at them there pictures they cost an awful pile, But the artist said the colors was all done up in "ile;"
... This was the most expensive paint that any one could buy, For all we used upon the barn did never come so high.
"And the frame around that paintin, with its mouldering of gold, Was the brightest and the biggest that the man had ever sold. He said the style was Renner Saunts whatever that might be; But anyhow, I bought the frame for it just suited me. " " I admire your esthetic taste, " remarked one of the guests ; " For the light shown in that landscape, which upon the mountain rests, Beams forth in glowing splendor, like the rosy tints of dawn, When from the Chariot of the Sun is heralded the morn.

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Ranch Tales of the Rockies
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