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, to A. D. 1603 j Part II. , from 1603 to present time. And in three Divisions : Div. I. , to 1307, 2s. ; Div. II. , 1307-1688, 2s. ; Div. III. , 1688 to present time, 2s. 6d.
Oman. ENGLAND IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. By CHARLES OMAN. Revised and enlarged edition. (See page 12. ) Oman. SEVEN ROMAN STATESMEN. (See page 6. ) Peel. THE ENEMIES OF ENGLAND. (See page 2. ) Price. A SHORT HISTORY OF BRITISH COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY. By L. L. PRICE, M. A. , Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Second Impressio
...n. Crown 8vo. , cloth, 33. 6d.
Eansome. THE BATTLES OF FREDERICK THE GREAT. Extracted from Carlyle's ' History of Frederick the Great, ' and edited by the late CYRIL RANSOME, M. A. , Professor of History at the Yorkshire College, Leeds. With numerous Illustrations by ADOLFH MENZEL. Square 8vo. , 35. 6d.
Bell. KLEINES HAUSTHEATER. Fifteen Little Plays in German for Children. By Mrs. HUGH BELL. Crown 8vo. , cloth, 2s.
Butler. SELECT ESSAYS OF SAINTE BEUVE. Chiefly bearing on English Literature.

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Random Reminiscences
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