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" He found an engagement as first flute for the Peabody Symphony Concerts in Baltimore, but this alone did not afford sufficient bread for his wife and babes, and his father urged him to return to Macon to the law. His spirit was ripe for the great work he had undertaken. Before finally breaking with the law and launching on the sea of music and poetry, he had written his wife from Texas: Were it not for some circumstances which make such a proposition seem absurd in the highest degree, I would... think that I am shortly to die, and that my spirit hath been singing its swan-song before dissolu- tion. All day my soul hath been cutting swiftly into the great space of the subtle, unspeakable deep, driven by wind after wind of heavenly melody. The very inner spirit and essence of all wind-songs, bird-songs, passion-songs, folk-songs, country-songs, sex-songs, soul-songs, and body-songs hath blown upon me in Sidney Lanier as Poet. 141 quick gusts like the breath of passion, and sailed me into a sea of vast dreams, whereof each wave is at once a vision and a melody.

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Reminiscences And Sketches
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