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Rimrock Trail
J Allan Joseph Allan Dunn
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He ordered me to make the preliminary sur- veys. Later I was to plan development work, to make a showing for his prospectus.
"He knew one would have as much chance digging in a New York back-yard. I told him so. He has his own expert and, if he didn't tell him so too, he's a crook.
"Keith said he understood his business and sug- gested I should attend strictly to mine. I told him I understood mine and that it included some personal honor. I was hot. I suggested that wildcat develop- ment was no
...t my business. He called me a quixotic young fool among other things, and I may have called him a robber. I'm not sure. Anyway, I quit.
"Now, Keith's kept me off from the properties as soon as they have been fairly started and I have been only consulting engineer for the Molly. I've been busy on preliminary work. The engineer he brought from New York has been in actual charge. That was all right. I'm comparatively a kid. But I know what is going on generally in Casey Town. There have been no more strikes, for one thing; the discoveries have all been in the one layer and they are gradually working out.

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Rimrock Trail
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Guest 5 years ago

Loved the story. Reminded me of the wonderful & romantic westerns I read 50-60 years ago!

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