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But if I had disobeyed Mother, whatgood were it that I should ask Mr Rose to forgive me? I should not havewronged him. " "She hath a brave wit, methinks, our Kate, " observed Isoult to Robin, when the child had left the room.
Robin assented with a smile; but Dr Thorpe was so rude as to say, "Allmothers' geese be swans. " The smile on Robin's lips developed into laughter; Isoult answered, withas much indignant emphasis as her gentle nature could indulge in, "Wereyou no swan to yours, Dr Thorpe?"
... Dr Thorpe's reply disarmed all the enemy's forces.
"Ah, child, I never knew her, " the old man said, sadly. "Maybe I hadbeen a better man had I known a mother. " It was not in Isoult Avery, at least, to respond angrily to such aspeech as that.
Before mid-winter was reached, the swans were increased by one in thehouse in the Minories. On the 29th of November, a baby daughter wasborn to John and Isoult Avery; and on the 4th of December the child waschristened at Saint Botolph's, Mr Rose officiating.

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Robin Tremayne
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