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A faint smile came to his lips as I placed the chest beside him.
" Ay, ay," he muttered. "Safe! safe! I shall soon be well again, — very soon ! And now I can sleep in peace! " I led him into an inner room, in which there was a bed. He threw himself on it with a loud sigh of relief.
Soon, half raising himself on his elbow, he exclaimed, " The chest, — bring it hither! I need it always beside me! There, there! Now for a few hours of sleep; and then, if I can take food, or some such restoring cord
...ial as your skill may suggest, I shall be strong enough to talk. We will talk ! — we will talk ! " His eyes closed heavily as his voice fell into a drowsy mutter; a moment more and he was asleep.
I watched beside him in mingled wonder and compas- sion. Looking into that face, so altered yet still so young, I could not sternly question what had been the evil of that mystic life, which seemed now oozing away A STRANGE STOEY. 219 through the last sands in the hour-glass. I placed my hand softly on his pulse; it scarcely beat.

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