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Cover Russia
George Dobson
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223 Hills to have a view of Moscow, as nearly every visitor does. The best time is in the afternoon, and, if possible, after a shower of rain, which lays the dust, that is such a curse of Moscow, and in summer often entirely obliterates the whole pano- rama. Given favourable conditions, the view from the Sparrow Hills of the winding river, with the new Dievichy monastery in the foreground, and in the background Moscow, with its red and green roofs, its blue or glittering golden domes and cupola...s, its white walls, with patches of green foliage show- ing up here and there, is truly magnificent.
The Novo (or new) Dievichy Monastery, or, as we should say, the ' New Nunnery for Girls, ' is beautifully situated on the banks of the river, close by the Sparrow Hills. It was built in 1524 by the Grand Duke Vassili HI. , the father of Ivan the Terrible, in commemoration of his conquest of the princedom of Smolensk. When Ivan the Terrible's son Feodor died, in 1598, his widow, Irena, came for refuge and shelter to this monastery or nunnery, and with her came her brother, Boris GodunofF.

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