Sabotage in Space

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Sabotage in Space
Carey Rockwell And Louis Glanzman
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Would you have been less hard onus? That's all, sir. " Roger stepped back abruptly and the officers stirred uncomfortably. Theyrecognized the merit in Roger's statement, and had not the decision beenmade, there was more than one who might have reconsidered, rememberingtheir own difficulties as Space Cadets. However, the presiding officerpicked up a sheet of paper and addressed the boys coldly.
"While I must compliment Cadet Manning for his admirable statement, " hesaid, "it does not change the
...decision of this board. Normally, theseoffenses would be punished by immediate dismissal from the Cadet Corps. However, in view of their past record at the Academy, it is the decisionof this board to exercise some lenience. Cadet Roger Manning, CadetAstro, you are sentenced to serve on the enlisted man's work gangs hereat Space Academy for a period of exactly six months. All pay andprivileges to be denied during that time. Case is closed!" [Illustration] CHAPTER 13 "Atom City rocket liner now loading on Ramp Two!" The metallic voice of the dispatcher echoed through the waiting room ofthe subspaceport on the outskirts of Marsport and the passengers beganmoving toward the field gate, where the stewards of the ship checkedeach ticket against the liner's seating plan.

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Sabotage in Space
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