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Whence were the ancient Celts and Slavs?
Who European countries over-ran? The Picts, and Scots, the Gauls and Norsemen braves?
Uncivilised of ancient man. Barbarians, to murder their delight, And fiends to fight.
Whence sprang the glory and the strength v of Greece?
Unfolding art's prophetic fire? The witnesses of ancient Troy's decease, The thunderbolts of martial ire? When men as fiends, to death each other tore, Corrupting gore.
How came to be the patriarchal race?
Picked by Jehovah to rehea
...rse; The God of Abraham's sustaining grace, The vilest heathens to disperse. The Jews to-day afflicted and alone, The Mount of God, a stumbling-stone.
Whence were the buried cities long forgot, That flourished once upon the earth?
Before the Hittite nations sought to blot All records of a former birth?
Ere Indians America outran, To murder man.
174 Whence came the Latin races, hearts of steel.
With iron grip on enemies; The tyrants cruel, making slaves to feel, The death doom, as the victors seize?

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Sacred Songs And Nature Pieces
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