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Thurman's deadand buried. The cor'ner come and held an inquest, and the jury agreedit was an accident. I was on the jury. The sheriff's took charge ofhis property. You couldn't prove what you saw, even if you was totry. " He looked at her very much as Lone Morgan had looked at her. His next words were very nearly what Lone Morgan had said, Lorraineremembered. "You don't know this country like I know it. Folks livein it mainly because they don't go around blatting everything they seeand hear and... think. " "You have laws, don't you, dad? You spoke about the sheriff----" "The sheriff!" Brit laughed harshly. "Yes, we got a sheriff, and wegot a jail, and a judge--all the makin's of law. But we ain't got onething that goes with it, and that's justice. You'd best make up yourmind like the cor'ner's jury done, that Fred Thurman was drug to deathby his horse. That's all that'll ever be proved, and if you can'tprove nothing else you better keep your mouth shut. " Lorraine sprang up and stood facing her father, every nerve taut withprotest.

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Sawtooth Ranch
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