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Which breaks more easily? Which doyou consider more palatable? What conclusion can you draw concerning thetemperature at which eggs should be cooked to make them most tender andpalatable?
DIGESTIBILITY AND PALATABILITY OF EGGS. --The experiments of this lessonshow that eggs cooked at simmering temperature are more tender than thosecooked at boiling temperature. The question may arise, is the tender eggmore wholesome than the tough egg? It is true that eggs cooked below theboiling temperature wi
...ll digest in a little less time than those cooked inboiling water. Since, however, the tougher egg is as completely digestedas the more tender, the difference in the time of digestion is a matter oflittle importance.
[Illustration: FIGURE 39. --APPARATUS TO DETERMINE THE TEMPERATURE AT WHICHEGGS COAGULATE. ] But even though the difference in digestion is not considered, thedifference in _palatability_ is worth some attention. If soft-cookedand soft-boiled eggs are compared, the soft-cooked will be found to bemuch more uniformly cooked.

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School And Home Cooking
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