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, it is fit it foould have aferious anfwer. It is founded on a^pajjage in Herodotus^ thus ren dered by an author in high efteem: " For " my part, I believe the Colchi to be a " colony of Egyptians; becaufe, like them, " they have a black Ikin and frizzled " hair/'* To which M. Volney adds, " That , (Herod. ) Aov ro o^vffa/(A/xyov, (Hefyc) intorqueri; which, applied to the hair, we fliould render curled', unlefs, to ferve a turn, it fhould be tor tured into frizzled.
...ND " is, that the ancient Egyptians were " real Negroes. " The- beft anjwer to this pajjage, or rather to its comment*, will be another from Herodotus, by which the deci/iv. E article of frizzled hair is quite done away. " The " priefts of other nations have long hair, " thofe of Egypt are clofe fhaved: in " mourning for near relations, all other " people cut their hair ihort ; but the Egyp- " tians, mourning for the dead, fuffer the " hair of the head and chin to grow long. "f A change, which, from the nature of the thing, could not take place on the woolley head or chin of a Negroe And now, my good M.

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Selections From M Pauw
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