Sketches volume 01

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Sketches volume 01
Seymour Robert
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The anxiety ofthe two sportsmen was immense. "It's an hare--depend on't--stoopdown--pint your gun, --and when I say fire--fire! there it is--fire!" Bang! bang! went the two guns, and a piercing squeak followed the report.
"Ve've tickled him, " exclaimed Spriggs, as they ran to pick up the spoil.
"Ve've pickled him, rayther, " cried Grubbs, "for by gosh it's a piggy!" "Hallo! you chaps, vot are you arter?" inquired a man, popping his headover the intervening hedge. "Vy, I'm blessed if you ain't
...shot von o'Stubbs's pigs. " And leaping the hedge he took the 'pork' in his arms, while the sportsmen who had used their arms so destructively now took totheir legs for security. But ignorance of the locality led them into themidst of a village, and the stentorian shouts of the pig-bearer soonbringing a multitude at their heels, Mr. Richard Grubb was arrested inhis flight. Seized fast by the collar, in the grasp of the butcher andconstable of the place, all escape was vain. Spriggs kept a respectfuldistance.

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Sketches volume 01
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