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Sketches volume 02
Seymour Robert
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Such a misfortin' has you never heard on as come upon your friend. I'lljist give you a breef houtline of the circumstantials as near as myflurry vill let me. T'other mornin' I vips up my gun for to goa-shootin', and packin' up my hammunition, and some sanwidges, I bidsadoo to this wile smoky town, vith the intention of gettin' a littlehair. Vell! on I goes a-visshin' and thinkin' on nothin', and happy asthe bumblebees as vos a-numming around me. Vell! a'ter an hour or
...more'svalking, not an house nor a brick vos wisible.
Natur', in all her werdur', vos smilin' like a fat babby in its maternalharms! But, as somebody has it-- "Man never ain't, but al'ays to be bless'd, " and I'm bless'd if that ain't true too, as you shall see presently. Vell!I pops at von bird and then at another; but vether the poor creturs vosunaccustom'd to guns, and so vos frighten'd, I don't know, but somehow Icouldn't hit 'em no-how.
Vell! and so I vos jist a-chargin' agin ven a great he-fellow, in a ruffcoat and partic'lar large viskers, accostes me (ciwilly I must say, butrayther familler)-- "Birds shy?" says he.

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Sketches volume 02
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