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Sketches volume 04
Seymour Robert
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In which apt andappropriate simile the other concurred.
"Tom's a good fellow to lend us his gun, " continued he--"I only hope itain't given to tricking, that's all. I say, Sugarlips, keep your powderdry. " "Leave me alone for that, " replied Sugarlips; "I know a thing or two, although this is the first time that ever I have been out. What ascuffling the birds do make"--added he, peeping into the cage which theyhad, as a precautionary measure, stocked with sparrows, in order thatthey might not b
...e disappointed in their sport--"How they long to be onthe wing!" "I'll wing 'em, presently!" cried his comrade, with a vaunting air--" andlook if here ain't the very identical spot for a display of my skill. Pick out one of the best and biggest, and tie up a-top of yonder stile, and you shall soon have a specimen of my execution. " Sugarlips quicklydid his bidding.
"Now--come forward and stand back! What do ye think o' that, ey?" saidthe sportsman--levelling his gun, throwing back his head, closing hissinister ocular, and stretching out his legs after the manner of theColossus of Rhodes--"Don't you admire my style?" "Excellent!" said Sugarlips--"But I think I could hit it.

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Sketches volume 04
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