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Small Wonder
Barbara Kingsolver
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my friend told me, and we both fell silent. We’d been talking about what she might plant on the steep bank at the foot of the woods above her house, but a single word cut us suddenly adrift from our focus on the uncomplicated life in which flowers could matter. I understood why she no longer had the heart to plant columbines. I feel that way, too, and at the same time I feel we ought to plant them everywhere, to make sure we remember. In our backyards, on the graves of the children lost, even on... the graves of the children who murdered, whose parents must surely live with the deepest emotional pain it is possible to bear.
    In the aftermath of the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado, the whole country experienced grief and shock and—very noticeably—the spectacle of a nation acting bewildered. Even the op-ed commentators who usually tell us just what to think were asking, instead, what we should think. How could this happen in an ordinary school, an ordinary neighborhood?

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Small Wonder
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