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So the hope which had been brought home to the mind of the people, became, in its promise and in its failure, fruitful in greater hopes. Step by step the full majesty of the Divine ideal was realised in thought, while the organisation of material forces was pressed forward with relentless vigour by Roman conquest. At last, in the fulness of time, the contrast be- tween ' the Kingdom of Heaven/ founded on the eternal basis of truth and justice, and the king- dom of the world, which was the final... expres- sion of force and self-will, stood revealed. The one was recognised in the sovereignty of love wel- comed by faith, and seen in the Person of the Word become flesh : the other stood out in the isolation of victorious might, with a deified man as the supreme object of human devotion.
Thus the Gospel of Christ was in its an- nouncement and in its preparation, as it is in its 88 Organisation of social life : i. Essence, the Gospel of the Kingdom. To seek the 23 Kingdom [of God] and His righteousness is en- Matt, vi.

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Social Aspects of Christianity
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