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Flint, Robert, 1838-1910
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He did not explain what he meant by a want, or what wants he meant. But whatever he meant, we may be sure that if his formula were to be acted on in any society, abilities would decrease and wants increase in that society in a very remarkable manner.
Karl Marx, as I have previously mentioned, maintains that the value of tvork sJiould he esti- ifnated according to the quantity of socially neces- sary labour ex]jended, or in equivalent terms, according to the time which must he on the average occ
...upied in tlie ivork. There is neither reasonable- ness nor justice in this view. Mere expenditure of labour does not produce any value, and is not entitled to any remuneration. A man may labour long and hard in producing something in which nobody can see use or beauty. If he do so he will get nothing for his labour, and he has no right to expect anything for it. He may expend ten hours' labour in producing what there is so little demand for that he will get merely the pay of one hour's work for it.

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