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Socialism Explained

Cover Socialism Explained
Socialism Explained
F D Fowler
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This is the contention of the " National Free Labour Association " (5 Farringdon Avenue), which pleads for the " right to work " for its many thousand members wlio regard tlic " freedom to labour" as sacred as Trade- Unionists do the " right to strike. " Neither is it consonant with equity to allow an association of individuals to do acts which if performed by a single one, would expose him to an action at law. Still less is it legitimate to use an economic weapon to secure political ends, as, ...for instance, the refusal of dockers to handle munitions consigned to Poland, or of 22 SOCIALISM EXPLAINED railwaymen to work trains conveying troops in Ireland Every institution requires from time to time to be overhauled and modified to suit new circumstances " lest one good custom should corrupt the world, " and Trade-Unionism is no exception to the rule.
CONCLUSIONS FROM PAST HISTORY The conclusions to be drawn from this survey seem to be : — 1. Socialism did not originate with the workers : its advocates, almost without exception, have been men of the upper and middle classes, many of them of the highest character, who, impressed by the sufferings and wrongs of the working class and the concentration of wealth in a few hands, have sought a remedy in Socialism.

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Socialism Explained
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