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She could only admit to herself, that Kyate had essentially surrendered to her unrelenting passion. She realized that he was as much a victim as she was.
    �Well, my sweet,� Niporo said softly, returning from the communications room to face Zeidra, �you may have no home to return to� It seems you are officially dead. Nobody will search for you because nobody knows you�re still alive. Seems the Princess Zeidra ignited herself on the Pyramid, making it impossible for any race to claim the Benja
...i god gene. It was quite a valiant act to save the seed from the Drothuarians who captured the temple complex.� Niporo bowed low from his waist and gestured toward Zeidra, �� You are the most beautiful corpse I have ever laid eyes on! Allow me to reinstate your honor, madam �. Marry me and I�ll be a father to your little bastard.� Zeidra grabbed a heavy vase from the table beside her and hurled it at Niporo, barely missing his head. Infuriated, she collapsed into a heap, and sobbed uncontrollably.

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Song of the Benjai
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