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South With Scott

Cover South With Scott
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First we had Mount Hope at the lower end of the Glacier. Mount Hope is anunatak of granite, about 2800 feet in height, of which the summit isstrewn with erratics, giving evidence of former glaciation of far greaterextent.
This was the first land we had passed close to since leaving Hut Pointsix weeks previously, and now we had roughly 150 miles of travelling, with something to look at, some relief for the eyes to rest on in placeof that dazzling white expanse of Barrier ice, with its glitter an
...dsparkle, so tiring to the eyes. We knew that we must expect crevassesnow, hidden and bare, and we also knew that we must every day rise ourcamps until we reached the plateau summit in 10, 000 feet. The Beardmoreitself is about 120 miles in length and from 10 to 30 miles wide. We hadno geologist with us, but specimens have been collected by Shackleton'speople, and our own members, particularly Scott's Polar sledge party, which are sufficient to give a history of this part of Antarctica.
December 10 showed our party on to the Glacier, but we were not "out ofthe wood" by this date.

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