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“Put Your Picture And Résumé Under The Door!” “Do Not Ring Buzzer Without An Appointment!”Nancy read the signs and gulped. Although she’d called earlier and left a message on Dwayne’s answering machine, Nancy felt she’d have a better chance of seeing him if she went in person. But getting inside Dwayne Casper’s office wasn’t exactly going to be easy.With a sigh and a deep breath, she pressed the buzzer. For a moment it was so quiet that she wondered whether anybody was in the office at all. Then..., crisp footsteps sounded on the other side of the door.“Do you have an appointment?” Dwayne’s voice was all business.“Well, no,” Nancy replied. “Not exactly.”“In that case, I suggest you learn to read!”“But, Mr. Casper!” Nancy said in her most polite voice. “I left a message on your machine. Mattie Jensen said you would talk to me. My name is Diane Elliot. . . .”Nancy heard a click as he unlocked the door. It swung open, and a smiling Dwayne Casper greeted her.

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Stay Tuned for Danger
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