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Stories From the Operas
Gladys Davidson
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Benoit, though some- what advanced in years, was delighted at being taken lor such a gay young Lothario, and agreed with all they said, even enlarging on his imaginary adventures and painting himself in more glaring colours still; but this boasting, to his astonishment, was not re- ceived with the approval he expected. For the four students, suddenly pretending to be shocked beyond measure at such licentious conduct and declaring that one so debauched was not fit to breathe the same air with th...emselves, seized the silly old braggart by the Bcruff of the neck, and bundled him out of the room and down the stairs with more haste and force than ceremony.
Knowing that they were now safe for a few hours, the friends returned to the room, laughing merrily at the easy way in which they had disposed of the La Boheme 259 tiresome landlord for the time being; and then Schaunard, declaring that it was folly to remain within doors when Christmas gaieties were afoot with- out, suggested that they should divide the remainder of the money he had brought and go forth to spend it, concluding with a supper at the Cafe Momus, one of their favourite haunts when in funds.

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Stories From the Operas
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