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" I shall not stay long, " she said.
He bowed; she resumed, " I have been reading the story of Camiola Turinga this morning. You know it, of course? " " I do not. " " She was rich, and Orlando of Arragon was poor, and a captive. She promised to ransom him if he would promise to marry her. She kept her word, and he broke his. More passed between them, but in the end they parted, and Camiola, out of very scorn, gave him that money he prized so highly. If I could, so would I do, " added Sybil, ris, and looking at her lover with eyes that burned like a clear flame. " I would give you freely that money which was all you prized in me. I would, " she continued, opening her hands as if they were pour- ing out gold before him, " but I am not my own mistress, and therefore I must be satisfied with returning you all that is yours. " She placed on the table, as she spoke, the pearls, the dia- monds, and the three lines in the count's writing which she had received the night before.
" You wrong me, " said the count, looking pale and sullen ; " but I will say nothing.

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Sybils Second Love
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