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He wasn’t sure if it was working, and the paper kept sticking to his chapped lips. He sighed in frustration. At least his parents had left for the wedding in England this morning.
    He’d skipped school and was just waiting for his new friends to come over.
    The doorbell rang. Finally. Rhys inspected himself in the mirror. He hadn’t bothered to take a shower today, so his dark brown hair was spiky and unkempt, he was still wearing a pair of old Patagonia athletic shorts and a gray Nike shirt
... he usually only ran in, and his eyes were all bloodshot.
    At least this time it’s not from crying.
    He paused. The old Rhys would have taken a shower and pulled on a Ralph Lauren sweater. But this was the new Rhys. His friends accepted him for who he was. He bounded down the stairs and opened the heavy oak door in the foyer. Standing there were Lucas, Malia, and Vince, trailed by a crew of other unshowered, unshaven kids Rhys had never met.

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Take a Chance On Me
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