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_" Not in the least. " T. — " Are you not afraid of our small army being attacked by their liuge army ? " G. — " How are they to cross the Channel witliout ships ? They rvoiild get very wet ! " Mrs. T. — "Might they not use a great number TALKS WITH MR. GLADSTONE 135 of the German Lloyd steamers to transport their army ? " G. — " We should have twenty ships to their one. " T. — "I suppose that some English companies might be induced to supply them with ships and arms. " G. — " Oh yes. For filth...}^ lucre they would supply arms to the rebel angels against Heaven. " T. — " Tliis reminds me of the case of the Alahmna'' G. — " The case of the Alabama is a very difficult and complicated one. " T. — " I suppose that you consider the award was extravagantly high. " G. — " It was enormous. " He went on to mention, if I understood him rightly, a case in which we were mulcted of a large sum through the act of one of our colonies.
T. — " What a strong view Froude takes in Oceana about the importance of colonies to the Mother Country !

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