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Unobtrusive in character, its movements were nevertheless followed with the gi'eatest interest bj the men we have mentioned, and even the Fakeer looked aside to watch it.
At first it seemed to be proceeding by the road in the direction of the outer gate ; but as it arrived opposite the trees, the leading horsemen turned suddenly across the sward and halted under them, followed by the bearers, who at once hastily put down the litter and retired apart. The leader of the party drew up his own men
...at a little distance, while the footmen were directed to remove the cover of the litter. As they did so, the person within, who was pinioned, put his feet out of it, and stood up.
'* Where is Hoosein, the executioner ? " cried the officer ; "he was ordered to be here ; and this is no time for delay. Have any of ye seen him ? " he asked of the people around.
Some one answered, " He is not here ; " and another cried care- lessly, " Hoosein does not like doing service for his own master ; ** and a third called out sneeringly, " You will find him drunk in the bazar by this time ; go and look there.

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Tara a Mahratta Tale
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