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Technique of Eye Dissections

Cover Technique of Eye Dissections
Technique of Eye Dissections
Frederic a Frederic Albert Woll
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) The escaping aqueous humor will flow over the eye and make it very slip- pery, and, therefore, difficult to hold. Dip the I! f Fig. 22 Showing how to puncture the cornea. (Page 62. ) eye in water, wash it, and then take it out and thoroughly dry it with a cloth. This procedure is absolutely necessary, and, if omitted, will surely result in the dropping of the eye about 63 TECHNIQUE OF EYE DISSECTIONS the time the work on the specimen is nearly finished. Insert the scalpel between the peripher...al edge of the exposed iris and what Fig. 23 Eemoving the cornea. (Page 63. ) is left of the cornea, With the back edge of the scalpel, gently loosen the choroid from the inner side of the corneo-scleral junction to 64 TECHNIQUE OF EYE DISSECTIONS which part it is not securely attached. (Fig. 24. ) This requires only ordinary care, and but little skill other than that necessary to always Fig. 24 Showing method of inserting the scalpel to separate the choroid from the sclerotic.
keep the scalpel close to the inner surface of the sclerotic.

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Technique of Eye Dissections
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