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At this remark my guileless husband stared & blinked & plucked nervously at his mustache; then leaned forward as if fearing I might by some convulsive means fall from the divan & injure myself. At this, I may have struck out blindly with my fists & elbows & cried—“You are trying to poison me! You & she! Do you think that I don’t know about this she—for I can smell the civet-cat odor on all your clothing . . .” Horace protested, he had no idea what I was talking about; & staggered to his feet, &... backed away from me, & what happened next, I do not know—for it seems, I must have fainted; & there was Horace passing my vial of smelling salts beneath my nose, to revive me.
“Dearest Puss! You must know—I love only you.”
_____ . At last my cousin Wilhelmina has condescended to answer my very sweet letter to her, not in reproach but in the most lightsome teasing way asking when she would drop by to see her poor abandoned cousin, & her reply is hurried & brusque & took no time obviously for it is attached to a crudely printed poster advertising YOUNG ARTISTS SPRING EXHIBIT NEW YORK SCHOOL OF ART APRIL–MAY—a boastful gesture since it is implied that Wilhelmina Burr as “W.

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The Accursed
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User Reviews:

Cheepy Zhang 3 years ago

Fish do you like fish. Oh yes fish. Fish sticks, fish fingers, fish people, fish meat, fish fins, fish legs, fish wings, and fish heads. Ew. But I like fish.

Guest 5 years ago

No, not a good book. Chilling! Very much!

Guest 6 years ago

This book kept drawing me in, time after time. I would think, “this is getting rather boring, but then there would be some supernatural twist that would takeoff in a new direction, and I became utterly engrossed again. It reads like an historical period novel, and you almost believe it could be non- fiction. This is not a light read; it requires an intellect and a maturity from its reader. It was probably the best book I’ve read this year. It stayed with me for weeks after finishing it. Highly recommend!

Guest 6 years ago

I loved this book! The plot, involving real historical figures, was inventive and paced well. The contrast of the perfectly normal, even mundane, characters and setting, with the presence of truly evil characters corrupting the innocent was unsettling, to say the least. This disturbing book and its characters will stay with me for a very long time. Chilling!

Also, very little cursing and no gore or gratuitous violence to speak of. Some adult situations.

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