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The Barbarians of Morocco

Cover The Barbarians of Morocco
The Barbarians of Morocco
Adalbert Wenceslaus Heinrich Leopold Maria Sternberg
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Their prayers still offer praise for the deliverance out of Egypt. Their Easter Festival is particularly interesting. The father of the family breaks bread, as Christ did, blesses it, and divides it among those seated round the table. He then takes the wine (it comes from the Atlas Mountains), blesses it, and it is passed round. What tenacity of national customs ! The Sabbath is kept very strictly. No letter even is opened on that day. The people merely walk about and occupy themselves with rel...igious exercises. The Jews' Easter Festival lasts eight days, and on the great day eggs and meat, over which a blessing has been pronounced, are partaken of. The eggs are considered to bring luck. These Jews, whose ancestors lived in Morocco in pre-Christian times, seem to have preserved the 82 n6 THE BARBARIANS OF MOROCCO Israelitish rites (still found in altered form in the Roman Catholic religion), in distinction from the ante-Christian Jews of Palestine, and all efforts of the missionaries of "L' Alliance Israelite" have failed to effect any change in their customs.

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