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The Botanic Garden

Cover The Botanic Garden
The Botanic Garden
Darwin Erasmus
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I cannot conclude this account of Scots-pebbles without observing thatsome of them on being sawed longitudinally asunder, seem still topossess some vestiges of the cylindrical organization of vegetables;others possess a nucleus of white agate much resembling some bulbousroots with their concentric coats, or the knots in elm-roots or crab-trees; some of these I suppose were formed in the manner aboveexplained, during the congelation of masses of melted flint and iron;others may have been formed
...from a vegetable nucleus, and retain somevestiges of the organization of the plant.
The great abundance of siliceous sand at the bottom of the ocean may inpart be washed down from the siliceous rocks above described, but ingeneral I suppose it derives its acid only from the vegetable and animalmatter of morasses, which is carried down by floods or by theatmosphere, and becomes united in the sea with its calcareous base fromshells and coralloids, and thus assumes its crystalline form at thebottom of the ocean, and is there intermixed with gravel or othermatters washed from the mountains in its vicinity.

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The Botanic Garden
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