The Boy Ranchers

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The Boy Ranchers
Baker Willard F.
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"If itisn't one thing it's another, though I must say we haven't had anythinglike those queer professors in some time. " "I'd like to know what their game really is, " remarked Dick.
"So would I!" exclaimed his more impulsive brother. "And I'd like tocatch 'em at it when I had my gun loaded, " and he tapped significantlythe . 45 on his hip.
"Don't be too fast with gun play, " advised Bud calmly. "You'll find, if you ever become a rancher, that you'll use more powder on coyotes, rattlers and in
...driving cattle the way you want 'em to go, than youwill on humans. There isn't so much shooting out here as the writersof some books would make out. " "Well, if there's only a little, I'll be satisfied, " said Nort.
They reached the headquarters of Diamond X ranch without mishap, savethat Dick's pony stepped into a prairie dog's hole, and threw his riderover his head. But Dick was rather stout, and cushioned with flesh ashe was, a severe shaking-up was all the harm he suffered.
"They're nasty things at night--prairie dogs' burrows, " said Bud.

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The Boy Ranchers
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Guest 4 years ago

Just started to read another Western - 'Gun Brand' and the same thing. no spaces between words. Must be the program not the proof reader. Guess we will have to give some slack here.

Guest 5 years ago

Is the space bar not working? First Chapter words are not separated on every line. Who is the proof reader? Should be fired.

Guest 4 years ago

Caught all those errors did you? Shame that the proof reader is so lazy. Obviously not using spell check.

Guest 7 years ago

what up yall 2

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