The Boy With the Guns

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The Boy With the Guns
George William Taylor
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On the highest summit of the mountains to the north of Lake Doiran the frontiers of Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria meet about twenty kilometres distant from Doiran town and station. Our original plan was to send a small force by rail to Doiran, from there march into Bulgaria, and, un coming into touch with the Bulgars, to fight a rearguard 1^1 122 OUR SERBIAN EXPEDITION action with them and retreat to Doiran, drawing them back with us, and this, of course, would have resulted in their violat- ing ...Greek neutrality, which we would not ourselves have done if we had already set out from Greek territory. A very pretty little plan, but it was seen through, and did not come off, as, although we used Doiran as our train-head for supplies, our troops were forced to go to Gjevgjeli, and so start our campaign from Serbian terri- tory. Of course it is clear to-day that this ruse to help the Greeks to make up their minds would not have succeeded or in- volved the Greeks, but at that time King Constantine's attitude and sympathies were not so fully disclosed as they afterwards became.

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The Boy With the Guns
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Guest 6 years ago

Great ww1 book. NOT a western. Good reading of the war.

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