The Boys Life of Lafayette

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The Boys Life of Lafayette
Nicolay Helen
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It seems that the Great Spirit had directed thy foot- FOR YOUNG AMERICANS 219 steps to this council of friendship to smoke the calumet of peace and fellowship with thy long- lost children. " Indeed it did seem that the Great Spirit directed the steps of this man to the places where he was the most needed.
From Albany Lafayette went across coun- try to Boston, where he was given a great re- ception and banquet in Faneuil Hall. A por- trait of Washington was unveiled behind the Marquis at the tab
...le, and he sprang to his feet and led in the burst of cheers that followed. Through New England he went as far as Portsmouth in New Hampshire, and then turned south to make a second visit to Mount Vernon. Everywhere he went he was received as the man whom the United States especially desired to honor. Unquestionably he deserved all the praise and gratitude that was showered upon him, for he had left his wife, his home, his friends, his fortune, and had come to Amer- ica in one of the darkest hours of her fight for independence, and by his confidence in her cause had done much to help her win her vic- tory.

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The Boys Life of Lafayette
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