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General Colvile's division has arrived and they are putting one brigade and one battery on the north side of the river, and one brigade and one howitzer battery on the south side, and will march eastward, up-stream. The mounted infantry have gone round, and hold the river on our right flank. I have been in heliographic communication with General French, who is opposite to us, in rear of the enemy's position ; he is now moving down on opposite bank on our right flank. The enemy is thus completel...y surrounded and I think it must be a case of complete surrender. Will keep you informed as events occur. " 2 Knox's brigade and the Yorkshire Regiment on the south bank were now approaching their unseen enemy, their front extending for some two miles. When they were within appreciable distance of the Boers one line 1 There is a curious error in Map 8 of the German Official History, where the positions of Gun Hill and Signal Hill are transposed.
2 Official History, vol. Ii, p. 123.
188 The Battle of Paardeberg of men lay on their stomachs and fired while another advanced, " Playing Red Indians, " as one gallant Tommy told his comrade.

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The Boys Life of Lord Kitchener
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