The Bridal March; One Day

Cover The Bridal March; One Day
The Bridal March; One Day
Bjørnson Bjørnstjerne
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"Well, it's almost nine o'clock; look at the sun!" Not till now did she begin to remember everything.
"Have you sat here long?" "No, not very long--but you must eat!" She began to do so. "You wereon your way down to the valley?" asked Hans gently, with his headnearer hers. She blushed and whispered, "Yes. " "To-morrow, when you've really had a good sleep and rest, we'll godown together. " Her eyes looked into his, first in surprise, then as if she werethanking him, but she said nothing.
After t
...his she seemed to revive; she asked Beret where _she_ had been, and Beret told that she had gone to fetch Hans, and he told all therest. Mildrid ate and listened, and yielded gradually once again tothe old fascination. She laughed when Hans told her how the dog hadfound her, and had licked her face without wakening her. He was atthis moment greedily watching every bite she took, and she began toshare with him.
As soon as she had finished, they went slowly towards the soeter--andBeret was soon in bed.

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The Bridal March; One Day
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