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The Campaign of Chancellorsville

Cover The Campaign of Chancellorsville
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At noon a cavalry picket on the plank road was driven in, and gave notice of the passing of a heavy column a 72 THE CAMPAIGN OF CHANCELL0R8VILLE.
mile beyond our lines. About 3.30 p.m. the leading divis- ions of Jackson's corps, arriving on the old turnpike, sent a party forward to feel our lines, and a ten-minutes' skirmish resulted, when the Confederate party withdrew.
There had been a number of minor attacks on our out- lying pickets, some of them occurring when Gen. Howard was present. All
...these facts were successively reported to headquarters.
About the same time two men, sent out as spies, came in, and reported the enemy crossing the plank road on our right, in heavy columns. These men were despatched by Howard to Hooker, with instructions to the officer accom- panying them to see that Hooker promptly received their information. On the other hand, a half-hour before Jack- son's attack came, Howard sent a couple of companies of cavalry out the plank road to reconnoitre. These men, from negligence or cowardice, failed to go far enough to ascertain the presence of Jackson, and returned and reported all quiet.

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The Campaign of Chancellorsville
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