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She hadlearnt already that her gay young companion was not as trustworthy asbest friends ought to be.
"It was the first time, last night, " she said.
"Yes, I know, and Miss Cardinal was ill and had to come away in themiddle, didn't she? It must have been a simply awful meeting, becauseMother came back as limp as anything. She'd been crying buckets, andhas a dreadful headache to-day. I suppose Mr. Crashaw gave it them. I've never heard him, but I've seen him. Horrid old monkey--I hope MissCardin's better to-day. " "Yes, thank you, " said Maggie. "She's better. " "Well, that's a good thing. I'm so glad. And you, you darling, what didyou think of it all? I'm sure you didn't cry buckets. I can see yousitting there as quiet as anything, like a little Quaker. I'd like tohave gone just to have seen you. I hear Martin Warlock was there too. Was he?" "He was, " said Maggie.
"Fancy that! I wonder what he went for. His father made him, I expect. You know they say he's getting on awfully badly at home and that thereare quarrels all the time.

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The Captives
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