The Caxtons — volume 09

Cover The Caxtons — volume 09
The Caxtons — volume 09
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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I am told that Goethe, when he lost his son, took tostudy a science that was new to him. Ah! Goethe was a physician whoknew what he was about. In a great grief like that you cannot tickleand divert the mind, you must wrench it away, abstract, absorb, --bury itin an abyss, hurry it into a labyrinth. Therefore, for the irremediablesorrows of middle life and old age I recommend a strict chronic courseof science and hard reasoning, --counter-irritation. Bring the brain toact upon the heart! If scie...nce is too much against the grain (for wehave not all got mathematical heads), something in the reach of thehumblest understanding, but sufficiently searching to the highest, --anew language, Greek, Arabic, Scandinavian, Chinese, or Welsh! For theloss of fortune, the dose should be applied less directly to theunderstanding, --I would administer something elegant and cordial. Foras the heart is crushed and lacerated by a loss in the affections, so itis rather the head that aches and suffers by the loss of money.

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The Caxtons — volume 09
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