The Caxtons — volume 14

Cover The Caxtons — volume 14
The Caxtons — volume 14
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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"Now, Mr. Peacock, " said I, "you will tell me at once how you come to wear thatlivery, or I shall order the cabman to drive to Lady Ellinor Trevanion'sand ask her that question myself. " "And who the devil! Ah, you're the young gentleman that came to mebehind the scenes, --I remember. " "Where to, sir?" asked the cabman.
"To--to London Bridge, " said Mr. Peacock. The man mounted the box anddrove on.
"Well, Mr. Peacock, I wait your answer. I guess by your face that youare about to tell me a lie
...; I advise you to speak the truth. " "I don't know what business you have to question me, " said Mr. Peacock, sullenly; and raising his glance from his own clenched fists, hesuffered it to wander over my form with so vindictive a significancethat I interrupted the survey by saying, "'Will you encounter thehouse?' as the Swan interrogatively puts it? Shall I order the cabmanto drive to St. James's Square?" "Oh, you know my weak point, sir! Any man who can quote Will--sweetWill--has me on the hip, " rejoined Mr.

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The Caxtons — volume 14
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